God Wants You To Be Free

God gives you the freedom to choose the life you want. He has desires for you and knows what you can be but He gives you the choice to be what you want. Christ died on the cross for your sins. You have been given to Christ from God. Christ died to forgive you of the sins that you have committed. He died that you can live eternally with Him. He want you to be free. He did not come to condemn anyone.

We think we are free when we are out there doing what we want but we are actually being deceived. There are many things that control us when we are out there pretending to be free. When we feel the freedom that Christ offers us, we will know the difference.

Don’t be afraid of the light. If you allow the light to expose the darkness, you will feel that freedom. God will be glorified in what He can do for you. He will cleanse you and set you free. You will be free to be what God created you to be and that will bring good stuff into your life. You will see life differently. It will be clear to you. You will be able to live in truth and freedom.

All have sinned so don’t be deceived into thinking you have not. There is no one on this earth that has not sinned. It may be the smallest of lies but you are no better off that the one that has committed a “big” sin. Sin will not be allowed to enter heaven. Everyone is in need of a savior and Christ who was without sin is the only one worthy to save you. Don’t be deceived into believing there is any other way.

Don’t be deceived into believing there is a sin that Christ can’t forgive. Christ can and will forgive you of your sin no matter how “big” you think it is. All you need to do is ask Him for the forgiveness. He will in turn ask you to turn from that sin so that it will no longer control you. You will be forgiven just for the asking. He will do more that you can imagine with your life if you put your trust in Him.

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