God Is Bigger

Whatever God allows into your life, however good or bad, it has still been filtered through God’s hand and if we give it to God, He will use it. There are people that don’t share their history because of fear or other reasons. Sometimes God will call you to share your experiences in bits and pieces because of who needs to hear them. God will allow you to use your experiences to help someone else through their experience. If God would reveal the path that our life would take, we would most likely want to pick the good and attempt to leave the bad out of our experience. God chooses the pieces that will make us all that we can be. If we were given the choice, we would more than likely choose the wrong pieces for our life. The pieces He chooses are the ones that will make the biggest difference in who we become and the impact we can make for Him. As things unfold in our life, we will begin to see how all the pieces will collectively make us who God wants us to be. The key is allowing God to be able to use those experiences. We would realize if we change things in our past, we would not be who we are and we should be confident in the fact that God allowed us to experience everything that we did so that we can be made perfect in Him.

It is not what we experience in life but what we do with those experiences that matter. Our trials can draw us closer to God or take us farther away from God. It is how much we allow God to be involved in our circumstances that determines which direction we go. If you choose to walk away, chances are, your life will begin to crumble. If you choose to give God your hurts and expectations and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and not on the circumstance, God can use your experience.

We need to follow God and worship Him whether we feel like it or not, no matter what is going on in our life and no matter how long we struggle in a valley. Don’t ever allow your circumstance or the people in your life to allow you to lose your salvation. Satan will try to use anyone and anything to cause you to give up. Keep doing what you know to do so that you will not be defeated. Don’t allow your circumstance or the people that surround you to have power in your life. Allow God to show you the power that He can give you. God is bigger than anything you will face or have faced, He is bigger than anything that someone can say or do to you. He is bigger than your problems and bigger than your circumstances. Give God whatever you have and see how His intervention can work for you.

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