God Forgives our Addictions

It does not matter what you have allowed yourself to get involved in, there is a way out. Go to God. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your wrongs and ask him to help you forgive yourself. Be sincere in your asking because He knows your thoughts but He wants to hear from you and He wants to help you. By being honest with God, you can begin to be honest with yourself. You will be free to live life as God designed it to be lived. God wants you to depend on Him and bring your needs to Him. God will forgive and He will help you forgive yourself. Whatever your habit, take it to God. He can handle anything you bring to Him. He wants you as you are because you cannot ever make yourself good enough on your own. He can deliver you from anything. He can restore and refresh your spirit. Begin today to become more than you ever imagined.

Kick the Habit Not Yourself

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