If you haven’t heard Jeff Allen’s testimony, you may want to hear it first. You can find it in:

Use Your Talents To Reach Others For Christ

It will help you understand this one. The testimony is about 25 minutes. It will be well worth your time. This one is only 2 minutes.

Forgiveness from our Father in heaven is the greatest gift we will ever receive. We all need to forgive and we all need to be forgiven not only by our Heavenly Father but other people. We will do things that will need to be forgiven. We will wrong people because we are not perfect. They will wrong us because they are not perfect.

Some may have to ask their children for forgiveness. People seem to think it is wrong to go to a child and ask for forgiveness. It may be as simple as not setting a good example in our behavior or acting inappropriately but our kids need to know that we are not perfect and people will fail them. They need to know forgiveness goes both ways and we can accept each other just as our Father in Heaven accepts us when we are not perfect.

Asking for forgiveness and forgiving someone is often a humbling experience but well worth it and it becomes easier as you realize its rewards.

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