Esther Chapter 3 notes

Esther 3:1-4
God’s word transforms lives and renews the mind. Christ’s love can do more with our limited vision than we can ever imagine. We live in a mean world but we don’t have to respond back in the same way. If we could take our hurts to God and allow Him to heal, we could avoid our ugly side from being seen. It is easier to allow the ugly to come out because we don’t take the time to go to God but it brings negative consequences that could have been avoided and shows our insecurities and lack of control. We would have so much power and save ourselves so much grief by taking our feelings to God and dealing with them the way He advises.
We must be careful what we say about others. What we say may or may not be true but the enemy will use it to destroy. According to Proverbs 18:7-8, it effects the most inward parts of those participating. God will move our heart to do the right thing and to keep our conviction. Mordecai was able to not kneel day after day just as Joseph was able to resist temptations made by Potiphar’s wife day after day in Genesis 39:2-10. satan will keep at us hoping to catch us at a week moment but remember that when we are weak, we become stronger when we put our minds to it and with every success, we become stronger. Respond with your mind not your feelings. When you can’t walk away, you should run. Colossians 3:2 tells us to set our minds on God not on earthly things which would be the circumstance or that moment. If we act on how we feel at the moment instead of focusing our mind on the big picture, we may make a wrong choice. What we decide at that moment is going to determine what direction we go and what kind of consequence we have.
We must be intentional and seek God to become stronger. May you allow God to work steadfastness of mind in you that “the bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze and your strength will equal your days.” (Deuteronomy 33:25)
Esther 3:4-7
Meanness originates from a real or imagined threat. God could heal that area of brokenness if we take our feelings to Him and allow him to show us why we feel threatened.
It only hurts ourselves and others when we can’t get over our anger. Ephesians 4:26-27 tells us not to let our anger cause us to sin. We think we get revenge by being angry but even health officials agree that anger and unforgiveness will harm us more than the one we are angry with.
Any evil, man-made plan against a child of God must go through God’s hand. Any appointment on a man-made calendar such as a doctor’s calendar, a hospital calendar or a judge’s calendar is also subject to God’s calendar. God will decide what is done each day. It is best for us to be under His protection.
Esther 3:8-11
satan has a limited leash when it comes to attacking God’s children. his most powerful tactic is psychological by destructively influencing our thoughts. We need to apply God’s Word to those thoughts so they don’t rob us of our joy. Psalms 23:4 tell us how we can overcome fear of evil. If we are God’s child, 2 Timothy 2:13 tells us that God will remain faithful even when we lack faith. Haman used truth and conjures up a lie just as satan does to us. satan tries to get back at God by attacking us. God calls us by name and to satan we are just instruments of destruction for revenge. We need to learn to stand and use God’s Word to deflect satan’s lies.

Esther 3:12-14
Haman’s edict was sent out on the 13th so when the people received it, the Jews were gathered for Passover. They would be telling stories and remembering God’s deliverance which would give them hope to be delivered again. it is beneficial to remember what God has called us from. God also allows events in our lives to happen at perfect times.
We don’t often recognize the perfect timing as they probably did not at that time either but when we get the full picture, the timing is often the clincher or plays a very important role in the outcome. Haman thought it was perfect timing to spoil their celebration, but God knew it was to be perfect timing to remind them who they wee and especially whose they were. By remembering one deliverance, we can be confident in the next. He who has delivered you from_______________ can also deliver you from ______________. You fill in the blank. Nothing is too big for God. Keep reminding yourself what God has done for you to keep you encouraged for what He is going to do.
Esther 3:15
How do Haman and Xerxes enjoy a little party knowing the turmoil they have caused in Susa? Don’t let your heart grow so hard that it no longer feels. Feeling is a good thing. We should feel sorry when we have offended anyone. We have a conscience for a reason so that we can repent and be restored. When all else fails we know that someday all wrongs will be made right by an all knowing, all wise God. It will be better to go before Him now. He loves you and wants to make things right before the day of sentencing.

***satan and pronouns referring to him are purposely lower case

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