Don’t Resist Change, Examine It


Sometimes peoples’ beliefs don’t line up exactly. Every individual needs to pray and read on their own. When you read God’s word, be sure to pray to God that He would reveal to you what He wants you to get from your reading. With Jesus in your heart, He will reveal to you what He desires you to learn from your reading.

Some will state their beliefs and they don’t even spend time in prayer and reading. Their belief is coming from something else. It may be coming from another person or from a past experience or it may be the way they just choose to believe. These may not always be correct. Some don’t want to seek because they don’t want to change how they are living. They are convinced they are OK in what they already believe. People tend to resist change even when it may be good.

What we believe can sometimes change because of how God reveals things to us as we grow. God reveals things to each individual differently based on their need and where they are in their walk with Him. When God reveals things to us, we need to be open and willing to accept what He gives us. It is through hearing and obeying that we will continue to grow. We should be careful not to resist changes that God wants to make because the changes that God brings into our life is always going to be good.

Keeping God at the center of your life is the most important. With prayer, God can reveal anything he wants to you. He can change , grow, and reveal things to people even when they have limitations that prohibit them from reading. He meets people where they are and overcomes whatever limitation they have because those that seek Him will find Him.

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