Do Addicts Really Love?

Addicts have a habitual behavior of lying and stealing. They may even tell you they love you. If they really loved, they would not hurt others by their behavior. Their addiction takes away their ability to love. The only thing that matters to them is making sure they get what they need for their next fix. They will jump through hoops and trample on anyone to get it. If they only had that drive to get well.

Romans 13:9-10 tells us if we love, we will not hurt those that we love. Our behavior can hurt those that we love. Our love for God and others are shown in our actions more than our words.

Addicts live one day at a time. They just want enough to get their fix for that day. They don’t save or plan for the future. They trample on family and friends for they don’t put value in having that relationship in the future. The only value they put on a person is whether they will help them get their next fix. If they could only take one day at a time staying off the drug, everyday would be easier than the previous. The temptations to return to their habit would become less frequent and weaker.

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